Client Testimonials 

Hear it from the clients' mouth first on what we at GSATi can provide for you and the growth and success of your company. 


Amber Dalton, CEO PMS Clan, Inc. 

Having an online business and successful online video gaming community that relies almost completely on the Internet, you can imagine our frustration when we lost our website due to our web server becoming corrupted. As a result of the issue we were not able to operate our business for more than 10 days. This resulted in reduced confidence from our online user community and definitely did not look good to our sponsors who are vital to our success. The most frustrating of all is that it could have been completely avoided since it was a result of very poor coding standards being implemented. We now understand how important coding to strict web standards is not an option and should have been implemented when we had our site created so we didn't have to learn the lesson the hard way. Thanks to GSATi's very competent staff, we were up and running in no time at all with a much more secure server and definitely a better peace of mind. I highly recommend GSATi for their excellent client satisfaction and we sincerely thank you GSATi.


Paula Guthrie, Owner, Bodacious Boutique

GSATI have been a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive, whether day or night. Our new website reflects a more professional image and our increased sales of 32% are proof. We have also seen an increase in Opt In email addresses for our growing database.



Cricket Lee, FitLogic

Cindy and her team helped me with my whole branding approach for my soft launch with women's organizations.  Her team is amazingly creative, efficient and quality oriented!  I highly recommend GSATI!


Michelle Broussard, Jeweled Steel

Working with GSATi been a wonderful experience.  Beginning with the design phase of our website to the maintenance phase, GSATi provided excellent customer service and quality work.  GSATi provided all Deliverables  timely and maintained open lines of communication throughout the entire process.  We had such a great experience with GSATi that they now host our website and provide our Exchange services.

Donna Seals, Re/Max Real Estate Consultant

I am writing this letter as an outstanding testimony to you and your company, GSATi. The experience has been positive from the moment I met you and contracted your services, all the way to the finished product. When I met you at the conference in Dallas, I was frustrated with my current website company and not knowing enough about web development, I was very cautious about making another "mistake".

You listened to all my concerns and frustrations; everything from the design to the costs and together we came up with new designs and capabilities which have exceeded all my expectations. There are unique elements that a real estate site needs to have; everything from Multiple Listing Searches to Lead Captures, and you have managed to create and incorporate all of these qualities into my beautiful new site.

Having stated all of this, the very best and ongoing part of my experience has been the customer service. You have been there every step of the way with professional, prompt and courteous service. It is very rare to have such patience and kindness in a business relationship. I am so happy to have contracted with GSATi and made a wonderful friend in the process.

Denise Walthers, President and CEO, The DWGroup

As a small business entrepreneur, I needed an affordable IT solution for my website and technological needs. GSATi created an online presence to push my company into the future.  Our strategic partnership frees me to focus on other aspects of my business, like getting in front of customers. I trust the team at GSATi to be responsive and committed to my success. It’s like having an IT department I can depend on day and night without having to hire employees. Plus, they are offer a great value-added resource for many of my clients. Thank you GSATi for making my vision a reality!

Denise Walthers is founder and president of the DW Group, an executive consulting company specializing in manufacturing and marketing to support women-owned businesses in bringing innovative new products and ideas to the marketplace.

The DW Group currently manufactures private-label skin care, beauty aides, eco products and designer fashions. Denise designed the versatile Houdini Collection wrap dress that converts to ten different looks.

Carol Montgomery, Owner, Green Village Green

Starting an online company was the farthest thing from my mind 2 & 1/2 years ago when the idea suddenly came to me. I've always been passionate about our world and tried to treat it as kindly as I can, so the idea of collecting services, products and information in one place, to help folk who'd like to get a little greener learn what they can do and who is near them to help out, seemed a good one. It became even more attractive to me when I tried to find geothermal contractors in my area, and came up with none. (There were, in fact, several.) So Green Village Green was born.

After a year and a half with a website functioning but not really working, I discovered that the custom coding was too complex to allow any updates. Unsuccessfully trying a couple of contractors and consultants in my attempt to find the right web developer to help me, I was at the point of pulling my hair out in frustration. Then I happened to meet Cindy at the EWomen Network annual convention in Dallas. We connected and she and her team have put together a plan that is in process to create an updated and much improved site that meets my needs and will delight those who visit and become members of my site. They have been very generous (out of sympathy for my plight!) and also reasonable. Their ideas are up to date, they understand exactly what I want to achieve, and are a delight to work with!

Brenda Meyers, CEO Violetea, LLC

Everyone at GSATi that I have come in contact with seems to really care about the success of Violetea and I am so thankful to be partnering with them on this endeavor. I know that there will be greater potential for growth with little worry about fixing mistakes that could have been avoided. I believe introducing a new concept with guidance from GSATi ensures a greater opportunity for a successful venture.