Most people in the direct sales channel understand how important a company’s website is. It is a company’s hub on the Internet, which also serves as someone's first impression of the company. In direct selling, however, there is a whole other dimension of a company’s website: distributors’ replicated websites. These are essential tools in allowing your distributors to formulate and personalize their business goals, as well as a venue for the company to provide the tools to allow them to achieve those goals.

So what differentiates a great replicated website from just a passable one, or a passable one from a really bad one? Let’s start with functionality. The replicated site should load quickly, be responsive to the browser and device being used and be a true selling tool for the distributor. A great site will have an easy-to-use dashboard through which distributors can access important information to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. In addition to key points of functionality, the design is vital as well. Everything should be laid out in an easy-to use format, which will allow distributors and customers alike to easily navigate the site, making the most of its capabilities. A strong, eye-catching design goes far in establishing the company brand and allowing users to enjoy their online experience.

Finally, don’t forget about training! Utilizing a learning management system can be essential in showing your distributors how to effectively use their websites, as well as giving them insight into growing and running their businesses.

This information was recently published in the Direct Selling Association's Supplier Source, an e-newsletter the DSA sends out a few times per year. We are a proud member of the DSA and are happy to share some of our knowledge with others in the direct selling industry! 

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