Post by Caroline Moran

It all happened in early 2003 when I received a call from Archie with Mannatech’s HR department asking me to please come back out and interview with another department head (the first SVP wasn’t smart enough to hire me).  When Archie discussed the position and mentioned I would be supporting the CIO/SVP, Cindy Tysinger, I immediately interrupted him and laughed.  He and I had already built a relationship from my first interview and he remembered me, (1 of 800+ resumes) and really felt I was perfect for this position. He did have to talk me into the interview, as I truly knew nothing about IT other than: CTRL ALT DEL and WYSIWYG.  And I surely didn’t know the difference between mega, peta, or giga – I just knew IT was always fast-paced, innovative and that’s where the super smart quiet folks hung out!


Cindy and I clicked immediately even after I gave her my two-minute pitch on how I’m not a TechE (my way of spelling "techie"), don’t type, take minutes, how important vacation is to me, and I hope I’m not wasting her time.  What a journey of discovery I had my 7 years there and pleasure it was truly observing in AWE what IT is all about.

At GSATi, (still with Cindy!) wearing multiple hats since 2010, I have new questions and experiences but am not much more of a TechE than I was in 2003.  However, I learned that I don’t need to be hi-tech if there’s a strong team of support, and my contributions to the TechE’s can be done and are appreciated without being able to create architecture binary magic or knowing mega and peta from giga!

I am continuously spoiled by having a wonderful IT Team come immediately to help me with silly things like turning on my wireless button when I thought AT&T was down (oops), turn on the monitor when I thought the bulb was burnt out (silly me), and they even installed the batteries for me as I obviously don’t follow the +/- signs.  They fix printers that always jammed when you most needed them, and if my DVD/CD could fit in the holder why wouldn’t it reject it if there was one in there already (at one time I had 3 CD's in the CD holder (oops again!).  Why is .NET not DOTNET? Drupal or PHP? All these languages and terms...oh my!

It’s fair to say that I have learned to trouble shoot on all of the above (and lots more) before I scream for my “Motley Crew” (my pet nickname for those amazing guys).

Maybe I have learned more than I’m giving myself credit for, as I don’t seem to ask twice as many questions - even though I now have two monitors, a LAN line and cell to answer, at least four email accounts to manage (yes, one still says “You’ve Got Mail”), three calendars and just reset my U-Verse box on my own last night!

Oh and who invented the serivce-ticket system?  I still do it the old fashioned way: “Motley Crew, there’s something wrong with my keyboard, I need YOU!”

Remember, we all bring our own skill set and personality to the playground so don’t forget to play, do your part, hold yourself accountable, have fun and don't be afraid to ask your “Motley Crew” for help. 


Nitie Atamenwan