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I have lived in Denton County since 2002 when I first moved to Lewisville.  After a brief stay there I moved to Denton and began to raise my family here for the next 10 years.  Denton is a fabulous city and the company I work at, GSATi, has been a blessing in many ways.  In my time in Denton, I have made it a point to get involved with City/County service by acquainting myself with local leaders, and offering to help in any way that I can.  I decided to be a part of working for solutions, versus being a part of the problem by not getting involved.  That service started first with the DCTA Citizen Advisory Team.

Mid last year, our family moved to Corinth, and I once again sought out community involvement.  Early this year I was appointed to the Keep Corinth Beautiful Board, which is a city board purposed with city beautification.  This board helps to maintain common areas of the city, and make Corinth an attractive destination for families, businesses, and the like.  Also, this organization helps to keep our environment clean from litter, pollution, and maintain healthy wildlife areas from nearby Lewisville Lake Watershed Areas.

At a recent Corinth City Council Meeting, I was honored to be appointed to the alternate seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The P&Z Commission is tasked with maintaining healthy growth of the city, as well as making sure that growth is orderly, and keeping in line with the city master plan and character of the community.  This deals with zoning districts, public hearings on proposals, and reporting directly to the City Council on these issues.  As an alternate member, I will be attending the meetings, and if a member is absent, will be expected to step in to vote on any matters before the commission.

I would like to say a thank you to God first for the opportunity to serve where He wills, and thank you to the City Council of Corinth for the appointment.  Much like all employees here at GSATi, where we are at in this area is not just a place to work and go home.  It is about getting involved and bringing a sense of community and civic involvement to better things for ourselves, and the generations to come after us.  I love the fact that GSATi encourages such civic involvement by leading by example, which makes this a great place to work!


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