Post by John Cockerham

If you’re a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) or have applied for membership, you probably know that the DSA annual event is coming up in less than two weeks in Orlando, Florida. Here at GSATi, we’re all looking forward to the event because it provides a great place to make connections with other companies, learn unique ideas from successful leaders within other companies, and have lots of fun! 

So, is the event really worth paying the registration fee? In our opinion, yes, especially if you’re a member because it’s a lot less expensive. If you’re not a member, you can apply and hopefully make it to the next annual event. If you’re involved in the direct selling business in any way, the DSA is a fantastic resource and will help your company establish credibility within the field. There are tons of reasons why the DSA has become the credible link that binds the direct selling industry together. First of all, it’s been around way longer than any of us have! It is over a century old, dating all the way back to 1910 when it was first known as the Agents Credit Association. It’s gone through numerous name changes over the years but has always had the same goals of supporting those in the direct selling field and protecting their interests, whether it be through legislation or through hosting events and providing channels for businesses to grow mutually. 

Another reason the DSA’s become so important to the DS industry is because of the strict ethical guidelines it has established. It’s not enough to just apply for membership to the DSA. The DSA must approve applicants based on whether they meet specific ethical criteria. This is essential to successfully arbitrating the DS business not only because it is geared toward doing the right thing while doing business, but also because it provides a sense of comfort and trust with customers. It’s a common misconception for consumers to distrust the direct selling industry because unfortunately, there have been more than a few companies who have abused the DS model. This is where the DSA comes in and can reassure consumers that they are purchasing good quality products from a company operating ethically and properly. In addition to protecting customers, the DSA protects companies’ salesforces. The organization is strongly against pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, etc. that generate profit only for the executives and not for the salesforce. This establishes transparency within these direct selling companies which leads to happier consultants and of course, more sales! 

Overall, the DSA has been a really great organization for the DS business and has helped it become what it is today. According towww.directselling411.com, in 2011 the direct selling industry accounted for $30 billion in sales in the US and $154 billion sales worldwide. What other industry can claim that type of revenue generation?

So what does GSATi have to do with all this? We have developed a suite of web tools specifically for DS businesses that will integrate beautifully with existing data, is customizable, fast (utilizing cutting edge technology), and won’t break the bank.  In addition, we combine our marketing and branding experts with our development geniuses to not only provide a platform that works well, but also markets your brand for optimal engagements and conversions online. If you see us at the DSA annual, stop by! We’re going to have fun photo opps with our gigantic wine glasses and wine bottle (if you don’t already know, we really like wine over here!). You can also win a bottle of wine from Boisset wineries by tweeting #GSATiWin or even a beautiful set of Riedel crystal glasses if you schedule a demo with us! Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the event! 

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