by Nitie Atamenwan

By now, every business owner should understand how critical it is to invest in a website. Well not just a mere website, but a customized one that will meet your customers’ needs. Ideally, your business website should include several features such as: visually appealing, trendy, responsive, secured, user friendly, informative, interactive, mobile optimized, search engine optimized and easily accessible.

Aesthetic appearance is an essential quality. It’s the first thing anyone notices when visiting your site. You are more likely to attract and retain customers with a beautiful website. An attractive site is a great complement of your brand and the quality of your services and products. The images, color, illustrations and overall design work together to play a huge role in your website’s appearance.Color Psychology in Marketing explains that color prompts your audience to see what you’re showing them, understand your message and act like you want them to act. Color choices have a psychological effect on costumers and their decisions.  A professional in brand management is in the right position to advise you on a suitable color choice that will best fit your company’s goals.

However, there’s more to building a website that just making it look appealing. The first step is attracting customers with the appearance of your website. Then you must keep them captivated with what your site has to offer. Would you drive a beautiful car that won’t start? You literally can’t. In the same way, you may have the prettiest website but without responsive, interactive or user friendly features, it’s just a piece of art! Your website should motivate your customers or visitors to take action, not just smile in admiration.    

There are certain criteria to be met and rules that should be followed to increase the visibility of your website and its content.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important in today’s competitive digital market. It is a necessary investment for your website and your company. Forbes regards SEO as “the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.” Now that you’ve invested resources on a graphic designer, a brand manager and web developers, you will want your website to be as visible as possible. Wouldn’t it be in your company’s best interest if you ranked higher when potential customers type in keywords in Google or other search engines?  Don’t let your target audience find your competitors before the find you!

We live in a world that is compelled by digital marketing and your business needs a superior website design to stand out from the crowd. Often, we look up a company’s website before making a physical visit. Quite frankly, it is more convenient for consumers to visit your site to search online for services or product. Don’t be tempted to go the easy route of hiring an amateur to create your company website. Invest in professional web developers and it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Yes, that is a lot to take in! We are professionals here to create a tailored website for your business.  Don’t let your rival steal your customers; let us help your business to continue to grow, contact GSATi at 866.977.4728 for website and brand management consultation.