Written by Cindy Tysinger

I was introduced to Direct Selling in early 1996 when I was searching for answers to take charge of my health through better nutrition, wellness and prevention.  During my search, I talked with my sister who happened to stumble on an independent direct selling distributor representing a company.  After doing some investigate research, we decided to give it a try.

First I tried the products and was pleasantly surprised by the science and quality of the products.  I began to see results, so I did what came naturally...I started sharing it with others.  I felt good sharing the information about the products and hearing the stories of my friends and family who also loved the products.   It took me about a year before I fully understood the other even more important gift of direct selling which was the business opportunity.  I quickly realized that many of my friends and family were struggling with disposable income, so they had to choose between buying the products they loved and meeting their basic family needs.

Troubled by this fact, I then focused on learning about the business opportunity that was a part of the Direct Selling industry.  Once I learned how easy it was, I then opened my eyes and heart to all of the possibilities that could come from building a Direct Selling business.  I started sharing the opportunity, and my friends and family began sharing the products and opportunity.  As a result, all of our businesses blossomed. 

Through focus and commitment initially working a few hours a week, my business started growing each and every month until I was able to replace my full-time income and help others do the same.  The day one of my team members, a single mother, was able to stay home with her children for the first time instead of working two jobs truly changed my life forever.   The quality of her family’s life was so much better now that she was able to put her children on the school bus and be there when they came home was such a joy to experience.

Direct Selling offers so many gifts and what I like most is that it is built on helping others to succeed in order for you to succeed.   What better way to give back for all the blessings you are receiving then by helping others to realize their purpose and to achieve their hopes and dreams?  Through serving others,  I experienced a great side affect in winning incentives and trips to exotic places that I would never have had the chance to visit.   I took my family on trips to Hawaii, Disneyland, Disney World, Canada and many other wonderful places.  My Direct Selling company and upline supported me through every step of the way.  There was so much support in training, leadership development, recognition and encouragement to pursue my dreams and wishes.

I then came to realize all the possibilities that stood before me, and it was up to me to take the first step. I am so grateful I took that step, as my life was changed forever. Direct Selling is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!