We at GSATi take pride in our staff and the hard work they put forth for us and our clients on a daily basis. To show our appreciation, we would like to present to you our new blog, #GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, a peek into the lives and interests of our staff. This series highlights the parts of our staff that makes them exactly who they are: dedicated, intriguing individuals we are proud to call family. Read on and discover this week’s featured staff member: BA/QA Analyst, Thelma Estrada. 

DL: Go ahead and state your name and position with GSATi

TE: Thelma Estrada, Senior BA/QA Analyst.

DL: How long have you worked with GSATi?

TE: It’s been about three years as of July 2016.

DL: Where did you receive your education and/or experience in our field?

TE: Well, I did attend about two years’ worth of college, but I’m also Mannatech alumni, where I received the majority of my professional experience. An old neighbor several years ago was a QA tester for this company, and looking for some project help. I’ve always been great at paying attention to detail, and have a love for tinkering with PCs. Taking them apart, discovering how they operate, has always been an interest of mine. Anyway, this neighbor approached me one day and asked if I’d like to come work with him on some projects, and I ended up loving and really excelling at the position. What had normally taken whole days for previous employees to complete, I would accomplish in the first few hours. Those kinds of results led to more opportunities to expand my horizons and lead me to where I am today.

DL: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time as a member of the GSATi Family?

TE: I think working with our .NET team, being able to work very smoothly to a point that problems are tackled as a unified team, is something very special and only comes through hard work and collaboration. I’m very proud to have contributed to such an awesome part of our organization.

DL: What’s the most fun thing you have done at or with GSATi?

TE: I love this question, because it reminds me of the early days of GSATi when I first started here. Back when I first started here, Fridays were not only a day of work, but a day of celebration to the end of a hard work week with a couple of glasses of wine and conversation. It was always a great time to really connect with fellow staff and just relax after focusing so diligently throughout the week. I’m hoping those days will make a return around here ;).

DL: Uh, same here! What about your at-home family? Any pets or kids?

TE: We definitely have a full house. I have four children, ages 28, 26, 24 and as we like to call her, Phase II, our 13-year-old. We also have about 5 dogs, 3 of which are from a litter of our original 2 dogs. Oh, and a guinea pig as well! It’s a bit of a zoo at times, but we love it.

DL: It sounds like it! So what is your favorite local restaurant or business on the square that you like to visit?

TE: I absolutely love Thai Square! But if we’re talking shopping, I’d have to say Serendipity on the Square. I love their Shabby to Chic workshops and the store itself.

DL: I still need to check that place out! Alright, real talk question: What's your preference, PHP or .NET and why?

TE: Being that my experience is in .NET, I’d have to say .NET for sure. As far as PHP goes, I’ve only operated as a tester within that platform, so I’m not necessarily as familiar with the program.

DL: What's your fondest office memory since you've been here?

TE:You know what? It would have to be when we had a tornado pass through Denton back in 2014. We were all here in the office, minding our own business, when the sirens began to sound and we were forced to make our way to the office basement. And sure enough, we did so, with wine in hand. We stayed in the basement for as long as necessary, just conversing and sharing drinks until it was safe to head back up to the office. Talk about a silver lining on a cloudy day! It was an ironically great time.

DL:  Man, sounds like we need more tornadoes around here! I kid. To round out this interview on a more serious note, why did you choose GSATi?

TE: You know what’s funny? GSATi actually chose me. I had been working for Benefit Mall for about 4 years and was approached by Cindy and a few others who were interested in bringing me on as a BA/QA Analyst for the company, and I just had to say yes. The location is great, I’m able to spend less time commuting from here to Keller, and the company culture is simply amazing. I am so glad to be here and part of the GSATi Family.

We are so delighted and proud to call Thelma Estrada a member of the #GSATiFamily. For staff profiles and more of what we offer here at GSATi, visit www.gsati.com and become a member of the #GSATiFamily today. Friends and clients welcome.