Level Up: Linkedin Joins the Big Boys

If you’ve paid much attention to recent events in the IT business industry, you’re aware of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Linkedin for a whopping $26.2 billion. This acquisition launched the otherwise timid professional social network onto the same level of social media authority as Facebook and other social media giants, at least with regards to opportunities for growth.


Introducing, “LinkedIn Record,” a native video application that allows users to film and share videos with their followers, without use of third party video hosts such as YouTube. This application is a “new way for thought-leaders to share timely insights with their followers through the richness of video on Linkedin.”  Videos featuring LinkedIn influencers, including co-founder Reid Hoffman, are already live and ready to view by LinkedIn users. Users will be encouraged by the application to respond to questions submitted by fellow LinkedIn members, answers which will appear amongst the top LinkedIn influencers as well. Much like Facebook’s early stages in video features, these LinkedIn Record videos will play automatically on a desktop newsfeed, and are available via the mobile app as well.


Social Media, the power of online marketing as a whole, are extremely vital tools when considering the growth and scalability of a business. LinkedIn, though professional it may be, has seemingly lacked in its capability to promote a business outside of the occasional shared post or content update. The establishment of LinkedIn Record is a giant step forward for this social media platform, a real level-up for those who are tapping on the glass ceiling that separates their company from themselves and true online marketing success. We can only hope that more will come from LinkedIn as Microsoft continues to grow the company under their very large, sturdy wings.


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Image Source: © Apple Inc. Photography

Video Source: © YouTube Video Services

Danielle Longueville