In Social Media, presence is everything. It's the first place your customers visit when researching what your business has to offer, and the last place they go to promote their new favorite local, national or international business. We here at GSATi have put together some tips on how to grow your social media presence fast, easy, and effectively. 


Read Social Media Articles Daily

Knowledge truly is power. In this case, knowledge of what's trending online, who's reviewing what in your field, where your target customers are pulling their information, all of these things are vital when creating a solid platform in which to promote your business. As a social media team member, one should be spending at least 30% of their day reading and researching trending topics found online on networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. As a business owner, the same could be said of your time dedicated to surfing social media on a personal level. A better understanding of social trends and how they affect your business only raises your knowledge higher, ergo your proficiency and trust in the social media marketing field. For reading resources, we recommend Social Media Examiner, HubSpot,  or Business2Community.



Create + Follow a Simple Plan

Time management is a hard enough task for anyone to overcome. Add the stressors of handling a select few social media platforms with multiple hands and you have the perfect recipe for ultimate in-house chaos. This can be easily avoided by developing basic plans and small goals that can guide team members along the same path with little conflict and lots of results. Keep it easy, keep it simple! Setting a general timeline, i.e. 3 goals per month, will help ease your team into the ebb and flow of the work process necessary to keep that social train going. In a few weeks, your team will have a definitive logistics and implementation system programmed for success. 



Cross Promotion is Key

Ultimately, this will be one of your greatest secret weapons. Sharing your YouTube channel link while sharing another's YouTube post? Absolutely kosher. Tagging your Facebook page in a group discussion forum on LinkedIn? Also okay. The end goal is to promote all of your social media channels across the board. This way, users will gradually choose to follow your business across all accounts, meaning they will ideally see one post from your company at least once a day. Whether it be through Twitter, YouTube or Reddit, you are seen, heard or followed through the power of cross-promotion.


We hope that these aforementioned tips will lead you down the path of social media righteousness. These simple, yet powerful tools are key to your social media success.


Have any questions, concerns or need further tips? Reach out to us at dlongueville@gsati.com. 

Danielle Longueville