Recently, GSATi began the transitioning process from communication server HipChat, to new kid on the block, Slack, a group communication and collaboration application, with both free and premium versions available for use. In doing so, we’ve discovered a few tools that are quick, easy and often fun to use. Here’s our top five tips on how to optimize your Slack experience.

/Commands: SlackBot Commands

Slack has a plethora of commands available with the push of a “/” but we’ve found the “/reminder” command to be the most useful.  Your handy dandy Slackbot can remind you to do just about whatever you’d like, using the basic formula “/remind [someone or #channel] [at this time] to [insert activity].” Check out a couple of pings we tried recently:


Feed it back: Leo the Slackbot

A big change, or rather additional difference between HipChat and Slack, is Leo the Slackbot. This program serves as a built-in employee feedback generator, where companies can offer opportunities to let their staff be heard via simple weekly poll questions. The questions are delivered to users in the form of a basic chat from Leo the Slackbot and returns responses in real-time, anonymously.  Leo is an ergonomic and effective way of measuring team satisfaction and receiving *honest* feedback.


Edit it Up: Making Edits with the “Up” Key

With Slack, your opportunities to fix mistakes are even greater than before. By pressing the “up” directional key, users are able to quickly make edits to already delivered messages. It’s one small step for many, but a giant leap for the communication application industry


Customize it: Setting a Custom Theme

From the drop down menu next to your channel name, access Preferences> Sidebar Theme. There, users are able to customize their sidebar theme. Templates are available to choose from, however users are welcome to create AND share custom designs of their own. The opportunity for individualistic expression is highly appreciated across the board.

Giphy + Slack: United Forever

If your organization is anything like ours, then you enjoy a good giggle every once and a while to break up the monotony of the day. Slack and gif generator Giphy have just the thing. By using command: /giphy, users are given access to a variety of gifs that can act as entertaining placeholders for otherwise written responses, or even as a simple way of invoking laughter amongst coworkers. The results are seemingly given in a very Russian Roulette style, but are hilarious just the same.


Have an experience with Slack you’d like to share? Email us at and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. 

Danielle Longueville