#GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, Issue No. 11

We at GSATi take pride in our staff and the hard work they put forth for us and our clients daily. To show our appreciation, we would like to present to you our new blog, #GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, a peek into the lives and interests of our staff. This series highlights the parts of our staff that makes them exactly who they are: dedicated, intriguing individuals we are proud to call family. Read on and discover this week’s featured staff member: Richard Petrie, Scrum Mast and Project Manager.

DL: Name and position with GSATi?

RP: Richard Petrie, Scrum Master and Project Manager.

DL: And how long have you worked with GSATi?

RP: Essentially one year “in the family” but I’ve worked with some of the leadership since 2012

DL: Where did you receive your education and/or experience in our field?

RP: All of my education and experience comes from the several certifications and licenses I've earned over the years, as well as lots of hands-on experience in the field over the past 8 years. I'm a Licensed Scrum Master, a Microsoft Certified Professional from Polar Bear (IBM), an A+ Certified Computer Tech, and hold an Associates from Wagner Leadership, however that last one is primarily a ministry certification, but the values are still there. Oh, I’m also a licensed pilot (just for the small planes!)

DL: That's awesome. I honestly didn't even know the whole "Scrum" framework existed until I started to work here. So, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time as a member of the GSATi Family?

RP: Hmm... I'd have to list my Top 2, because it's hard to decide. First would be defining and establishing the process for the Service Desk, our primary management tool for ticket request distribution and Client Care. Number two would be implementing full-scale Agile Scrum into our day-to-day projects company-wide. The processes that Scrum uses are completely scalable and are amazing ways to maintain productivity within the office and drive huge results for our Clients!

DL: So without you, there'd be no Scrum?

RP: Yeah, something like that! I’m pretty passionate about it :)! 

DL: How crazy! That's such an important part of our organizational routine. So, what’s the most fun thing you have done at or with GSATi?

RP: Man, that's another hard one! Although, that one time we ran on the roof to watch the tornado from the GSATi roof top! We of course got down as soon as the siren started, though...

DL: Hah! What a very 'Texas" experience for you. I'm glad you were able to witness one of our many natural phenomenons here. Alright, only a few more questions!

RP: Fire away then! 

DL: What about your at-home family? Any pets or kids?

RP: I've been married to my high-school sweetheart since 2001, and have two boys, age five (5) and eight (8) years old. We also have a "Wab," a Wheaten Terrier mixed with Labrador, named Zoe who is about three years old. We have a great time; lots of legos and dirt! 

DL: That does sound like a lot of "fun!" What is your favorite local restaurant or business on the square that you like to visit?

RP: Boardwalk Café, hands down. Their Honey Dijon Chicken is the business! 

DL: What's your preference, PHP or .NET and why?

RP: Both, actually! Each serve a purpose, depending on the client. It all depends on the client's' needs and how we can better serve them! 

DL: You're right. Alright, two more questions! What's your fondest office memory since you've been here?

RP: Seriously, and this is without joke, my favorite memory would be being able to witness one of our clients' launch for their first time. We were there as a support system from the very beginning, so to see that all come to fruition was both amazing and rewarding. 

DL: I'm sure that was rewarding. So why choose GSATi?

RP: Because  the leadership here is profoundly full of love and care for their staff. From all sides, top to bottom, both the clients and staff are cared for! Your choices are constantly validated, communication is always highly valued, and I've yet to experience a time when I wasn't able to fully explore creative solutions to resolve any issue I had. Working here has truly been a blessing and I'm proud to call it my other home. 

DL: I think you're absolutely right! Thanks for sitting down with me today.

RP: Of course. 

We are so delighted and proud to call Richard a member of the #GSATiFamily. For staff profiles and more of what we offer here at GSATi, visit www.gsati.com and become a member of the #GSATiFamily today. Friends and clients welcome.

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