#GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, Issue No. 12

We at GSATi take pride in our staff and the hard work they put forth for us and our clients on a daily basis. To show our appreciation, we would like to present to you our new blog, #GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, a peek into the lives and interests of our staff. This series highlights the parts of our staff that makes them exactly who they are: dedicated, intriguing individuals we are proud to call family. Read on and discover this week’s featured staff member: Jessica Alexander, Instructional Designer. 

DL: Name and position with GSATi?

JA: Jessica Alexander, Instructional Designer.

DL: And how long have you worked with GSATi?

JA: I started out as a contractor a year ago, however I went full time in June.

DL: Where did you receive your education and/or experience in our field?

JA: I started out in the e-learning field around 20 years ago, working for VCampus. I was working on the marketing side at the time, but was intrigued with designing curriculum. I wanted to teach and possibly design my own curriculum, so I enrolled at High Point University, where I received a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and taught for ten years. During my tenure, I researched and used tools and software that allowed me to create interactive computer-based courses for students to use at home. I loved coming up with new ways to use e-learning to reach a variety of learning styles. 

DL: That's awesome. So, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time as a member of the GSATi Family?

JA: I'd have to say our eLMS. It's still young and we are working with Tracorp to allow our eLMS to seamlessly communicate with our back-office tools. As far as favorite courses that I've created, it would have to be the " Who Is GSATi? " module.  Once you see the completed works, you're given a great taste of our company culture.  It’s been a really awesome experience putting these courses together for our company, so that we can better train and integrate new associates into our family. 

DL: I love it! That's such an important part of our company message. So, what’s the most fun thing you have done at or with GSATi?

JA: I would have to say the office dares challenge and the anniversary party were an absolute blast. I had so much fun! 

DL: What about your at-home family? Any pets or kids?

JA: My husband and I have a junior and freshman in High School, as well as a Kindergartner and we are currently building a house that will be done in mid - January here in North Carolina. 

DL: How exciting! What is your favorite local restaurant or business on the square that you like to visit?

JA: You know, what's great about Denton is that it has a little bit of everything! I love Barley and Board, Rusty's Taco and I just tried the Pickled Carrot; their Banh Mi Sandwich is awesome! As far as shopping goes, I love Serendipity. I always pick something up from there when I come down to visit. 

DL: Ugh, those are all such good choices! You're making me hungry...So I know this question isn't wholly pertaining to you, but do you have a preference between PHP or .NET and why?

JA: I'm still learning about both systems as I navigate through them to build the training modules. They're both unique and I honestly love being the fly on the wall in stand-up meetings and witnessing the creativity of our developers as they try to make each system fit within a particular clients' vision. So, both, I guess! 

DL: What a great point!  Alright, two more questions! What's your fondest office memory since you've been here?

JA: Again, so many to choose from. Other than the office dares, which was totally fun, I had a lot of fun recording the cameo videos for our "Who is GSATi?" modules. Trying to wrangle that many people was a HYSTERICAL challenge. 

DL: I'm sure that was rewarding. So why choose GSATi?

JA: First and foremost… family.  I have the unique opportunity to work with family members whom I love dearly.  But I also believe in GSATi and its importance in this field, in it’s community, and in the lives of those amazing, supportive people who call GSATi home… both locally and remotely.  Our company is special and I can’t imagine wanting to work anywhere else.

DL: I think you're absolutely right! Thanks for sitting down with me today.

JA: Of course! 

We are so delighted and proud to call Jessica a member of the #GSATiFamily. For staff profiles and more of what we offer here at GSATi, visit www.gsati.com and become a member of the #GSATiFamily today. Friends and clients welcome.

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