3 Simple Steps to Build A Successful Landing Page

At GSATi, we are all for helping our clients achieve the highest amount of market reach possible with what tools and knowledge we can provide. Today, we'd like to walk you through a few easy steps that will pivot your brand in the right direction. Let's talk about landing pages!

You may find yourself wondering, "What is  a landing page?" Our friends at CopyBlogger have a quick video answer for you:

So, with that info in mind, let's get to building a Successful Landing Page! We've compiled the ideal strategy for putting together a great landing page in three easy steps.

  1. State your Offer

This could be ANYTHING. ANYTHING! Trying to give away free downloads of your new software? Make it clear.  Offering a discounted service in honor of a holiday or monument in the company? Let them know. If your offer seems confusing, then it probably is. The proof is in your communicative pudding. Note: This offer should be visible almost IMMEDIATELY, i.e. in your headline or close to the top of the page so that consumers are made aware right away.


        2. Explain the Benefits

Our consumers do what they do best: Consume as much information possible in the shortest amount of time, only truly absorbing what pertains to them the most. How do you make your offer stand apart? By explaining in the most transparent form possible the benefits your product or service brings. Consumers, millennials especially, enjoy a great brand, with a great product and an honest voice. Unlock this achievement and you're on a path of pure gold. Note: Benefit descriptions are best served in short paragraph form, or in bullet points or subheadings.


          3. Set the Steps for the Consumer

Often, this can be the hardest piece of your page's puzzle. It's vital that you explain word for word what the consumer do next. They don't call it a " call to action " for nothing. The consumer should clearly understand exactly how to obtain and use your offered product or service. It can be a click of a button, a retweet or phone call. Either way, make sure the consumer knows confidently and clearly what to do.

Note: There's a few places your call to action may go on a landing page, but we recommend using a space or tool that's eye catching, i.e. abig, red button.

Consider This Too

Now that you've got your foundation put together for your first - or third - landing page, you can start focusing on testing the following elements that strengthen a solid landing page:

  • Page Layout
  • Short Copy vs. Long Copy
  • Benefits Descriptions
  • Headline Options

We understand this may all seem a little overwhelming, ergo we recommend taking this project back to the Stone Ages. Whip out a blank sheet of paper and map out your plan of attack using the three steps above. Happy Page Landing!  

Danielle Longueville