#GSATiFamilyFeature Issue No. 17

We at GSATi take pride in our staff and the hard work they put forth for us and our clients on a daily basis. To show our appreciation, we would like to present to you our new blog, #GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, a peek into the lives and interests of our staff. This series highlights the parts of our staff that makes them exactly who they are: dedicated, intriguing individuals we are proud to call family. Read on and discover this week’s featured staff member: Andrew Kendall, Senior Creative Director.

DL: Name and position with GSATi?

AK: Andrew Kendall, Senior Creative Director.

DL: And how long have you worked with GSATi?

AK: It'll be four years this summer.

DL: Where did you receive your education and/or experience in our field?

AK: I began work as a freelance Letterer to create logos for local businesses while I was a middle school student in Grand Prairie. This was anything from barbershops to local events, et cetera. I really started in high school after I finished my Senior year in basketball when I got a job as Letterer and Illustrator for a local screen printing company. That's when I started doing it day in and day out for people. My skills then excelled when I went to Mannatech after college at DBU. My degree is in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Philosophy. 

DL: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time as a member of the GSATi Family?

AK: Working to transition into better quality controls going from design to development. That means doing lots of work as a designer, preparing files better, making it simpler for front end developers. It had a lot to do with processes of getting the design executed.

DL: So, what’s the most fun thing you have done at or with GSATi?

AK: Developing packaging for a client. It was a little out of our normal routine and involved a lot of logistics with companies in China and Mexico and doing packaging instead of our advertised services: web design. 

DL:  Impressive! I imagine it was a nice breath of fresh air. What about your at-home family? Any pets or kids?

AK: I have a wife who graduated as a Designer from UNT and is teaching art and art history at a private school in the area. Together we have two teenagers, Grace and Ethan, as well as two fluffy hounds: Anya the Daschund-Sheltie mix and HoneyBear our Golden Retriever Chow. 

DL: Pets are always great! What about your favorite local restaurant or business on the square that you like to visit?

AK: I like the Abbey Inn and Seven Mile Café, plus there's always West Oak Coffee Bar and Thai Square. 

DL: Oh yeah; I love me a good trip to Thai Square with the office! Alright, so this question seems a little redundant, but I have to ask everyone: PHP or .NET and why?

AK: For me, it's all the same honestly. All I do comes from Photoshop and Illustrator. Both are equally loved and loathed ;)

DL: That makes sense! Alright, last question: Why choose GSATi?

AK: The two big things that are self-evident are location -super hard to beat, honestly- and the culture it makes us part of. I've been part of companies previously that have a familial sense to their culture, however none compares to the actuality of the GSATi Family and the culture we bring as an office each day. 

DL: I love that. I couldn't agree more!

We are so delighted and proud to call Andrew a member of the #GSATiFamily. For staff profiles and more of what we offer here at GSATi, visit www.gsati.com and become a member of the #GSATiFamily today. Friends and clients welcome. 

Danielle Longueville