Name and Position with GSATi?

DL: Danielle Longueville, Web Content Administrator.

And what songs do you have for us today?

DL: These are some pretty hit-tastic songs,I hope y'all enjoy! 


Thundercat: "Them Changes"

I've always been a fan of funk music, and how current artists are finding ways to pay homage to the heyday of funk by fusing the old styles with their new, fresh perspectives. Thundercat is a huge proponent of that movement, his music ALWAYS gets my day going, 

Kimbra: "Sweet Relief "

Kimbra and I, though she doesn't know it because she's a super famous New Zealander, share a lot of musical influences and inspirations that drive the way she crafts her music. Each song is a piece of her and a piece of those people who inspire her most, and they each sound like they're crafted just for me. Sweet Relief is one of her newest single releases that is full of pure FUNK. There's no way that synth line won't keep you going through the day! 

Tame Impala: "Let It Happen"

I fell in love with Tame Impala a couple of years ago at a music festival in Austin and haven't put them down ever since. These guys are pioneers of the new psych rock wave and, like Kimbra, are also a famous group of Kiwis who just get it musically. Be sure to listen to this track all the way through for a sweet surprise at the end. 

You were right, that IS a pretty funky  sample you have there. So overall, what would you say is your favorite genre of music?

DL: I'd have to say either Noise Pop or Funk, or the beautiful combo of both when you can find it! 

If you had to pick any artist you'd have to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DL: Oh MAN! I don't kow if I could truly pick one artist, do mix tapes count?

 I guess they can be, this time! Thanks for playing along and for sharing your music with us! 

DL: No problem! 

Huge thanks to Danielle for sharing her music selections with us. For more from the #GSATiFamily and what keeps us going, click here.

Danielle Longueville