Whether it be a cup of coffee or a quick scan of the Washington Post, everyone has a kickstart to their daily routine to get that productive energy flowing. For us here at GSATi, music can be one of the greatest motivators on a hectic day. Introducing MondayMotivation: Music We Work To. #GSATiFamily members share 3-5 song YouTube playlists of their favorite music to work to. Sit back, click play, and enjoy. This week feature's Delmar Moreno's whirlwind of a playlist. Let's find out what Maria has in store for us.

DL: Name and Position with GSATi?

MM: La Reina del sur.....JUST KIDDING! Maria Moreno, Dev Ops Analyst.

DL: Hah! Always the joker...Okay Maria, what songs do you have for use today and why?

MM: I've got a pretty interesting mix of songs today that help me get through my work week, so I hope you like them.

Kungs Vs. Cookin' on 3 Burners: This Girl

Awesome song to start a day. A must-play while your shower. 

Nosaj Things: Aquarium

This song is great for when I’m reading long documents; it helps me to focus.

The Steeldrivers: Drinking Dark Whiskey

 I usually play something like this when I’m cruising - my code has no bugs. Or on Fridays; Fridays are cowboy boots days. 

DL: You were right, that IS a pretty eclectic sample you have there. So overall, what would you say is your favorite genre of music?

MM: It's a tough pick between EDM and House, I listen to both most of the time, so I guess those two. 

DL: Right on. If you had to pick any artist you'd have to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MM: HAH! Man, that's a hard one. Maybe Tiesto? I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there.

DL: I guess you're right! Thanks for your time, Maria.

MM: No problem! 

Huge thanks to Maria for sharing her music selections with us. For more from the #GSATiFamily and what keeps us going, click here.

Danielle Longueville