#WorkFromAnywhere: A Day at Fibercove

At GSATi, we take pride in our diverse team, both in house and abroad. Introducing #workfromaywhere, a blog series dedicated to highlighting the joys -and stressors- of operating as a remote employee, featuring members of the #GSATiFamily. This week, our Web Content Admin Danielle Longueville shares her experience working from coworking space fibercove in Austin, TX during SXSW festival.

SXSW has remained one of my favorite Texas - based adventures to date. The collective chaos of music, technology, education and art experiences all crammed into the confinements of downtown Austin always serves something memorable and exciting for each attendee. However this year was a little bit different on a personal level. Instead of traveling down to work the usual showcase, I was headed to get some work done #GSATiFamily style in a new-to-me coworking space, fibercove on South Lamar. I was eager to get work done in a new space with the hopes of procuring some kind of  creativity refresher. Man, did this place make it work. 

Once arrived at fibercove, I was immediately greeted by Julia, Administrator and pro welcome committee Rep. Julia was friendly, informative and very helpful as far as answering any questions I had. The place essentially spoke for itself, though. 

Complete with a full service espresso machine, stocked fridge and boundless open space to work freely and privately, I was instantly hooked. Where else in Austin can you work for free for a day AND be treated like the tech prince(ss) you are? I had found my happy place. 

 After settling myself into the space, complete with a self-served latte breve, I immediately set to work. Thanks to the works of fibercove, my internet service was fast, easily accessible and not once dipped in processing speeds. With light music streaming from local radio station KUTX 98.9, it felt as if time was flying by with ease. This was great! Before I knew it, it was time for the usual standup conference call and then LUNCH. To keep the new experience vibe rolling, I opted to excuse myself from the space and stroll down the parking lot to one of Austin's best brunch places and national chain, Snooze! I was fortunate enough to share a meal with my brother there, who was in town working as a volunteer at the SXSW Alamo Drafthouse Film Festival. Another beautiful aspect of the remote worker life: opportunities to connect with the people you love most are made even more possible by the grace of remote associate benefits and practices. I was feeling pretty blessed at this point, y'all. 

 Once brunch was over, I once again took a simple stroll through the parking lot and back to my little office-away-from-office space. Without remembering it was St. Patrick's Day, I was immediately greeted by the sounds of laughter and comradery, as well as popping tops and clinking glasses. Were they having....a party? It was too good, but actually true! The fibercove kitchen had been somewhat transformed into a local pub, full of long-term resident users of the coworking space. They were having an excellent time yammering and enjoying the anecdotal recounts of each person's work experiences from the day, and though I was eager to join, forced myself back to my desk. Begrudgingly so! Thankfully I was able to take some snacks and a little vino back with me. You know it's not a #GSATiFamily holiday without a little libations ;) 

When it came time for the space to close at 6:30 PM, I couldn't help but pout just a little. Was it really time to leave? Did I have to pack up my things and go enjoy the real world? I could have stayed and made coffee and drink Topo Chico all day, mais élas, it was time. 

I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to try the Fibercove Trial Day Pass and step into the world of coworking, ATX style. I can only hope to return one day with some more GSATi friends in tow. Cheers to the remote worker life! Sometimes, it's a pretty sweet one. 

Danielle Longueville