#WorkFromAnywhere: Deg Lays It Down

At GSATi, we take pride in our diverse team, both in house and abroad. Introducing #workfromaywhere, a blog series dedicated to highlighting the joys -and stressors- of operating as a remote employee, featuring members of the #GSATiFamily. Each post will share of favorite work places, stories and experiences as a remote associate. Click here and discover what it’s like to #workfromanywhere from the perspective of #GSATiFamily member Andrew "Deg" Chernauskas.

Normally, we'd have a written feature for you to graze through. However, our Deg and his creative mind is far from normal. So today, let us let Deg tell his story himself, via video!

Thanks Deg for sharing your experience with us! We're pretty impressed with your super video skills and are #GSATiProud to call you part of the team. To dive a little deeper into the life of Seanna and our other #GSATiFamily members, visit our full blog section here

Danielle Longueville