#WorkFromAnywhere: Meet Peter Feddo

At GSATi, we take pride in our diverse team, both in house and abroad. Introducing #workfromaywhere, a blog series dedicated to highlighting the joys -and stressors- of operating as a remote employee, featuring members of the #GSATiFamily. Each post will share of favorite work places, stories and experiences as a remote associate. Click here and enter the realm of Remote Associate, Peter Feddo.


Remote Worker Profile: Peter Feddo

Senior Drupal Developer

5 years

Why did you choose Remote Life?

I enjoy the autonomy that remote working offers and it contributes to my ability to deliver creative solutions to difficult business problems. Being able to self direct my attention without distractions and micromanagement helps focus my time on the core of every tricky task I’m taking on.


Where can we find you working most days?

My work day typically starts in my home office surrounded by several monitors but as the day progresses I feel the need to spread my wings and float around other work spaces around my home. If the weather is nice I’ll head out to the rooftop patio, if it’s cold and dreary I’ll code by the fire.

What’s the hardest part about working remotely?

There are days when I’m taking on tough problems with long hours and I look over and see a fluffy puppy dog curled up on the couch wondering why I’m not paying attention to her. It’s hard to turn down that cute face when she wants some attention but she has to wait her turn while I focus on my development efforts. 

What’s the best part about working remotely?

The best part is letting that fluffy puppy dog join in on our team meetings. It’s easier to accept difficult meeting outcomes with a friend curled up next to you offering her reassurances that no matter how your webpage looks in Internet Explorer, she still loves you.

Do you see yourself returning to typical office life?

Perhaps I’ll consider a more typical working environment in the future if the opportunity matched up with my skills and work culture values. I think it would definitely have to be a pet friendly office environment that balances team collaboration with independent solutions development.

What advice would you give to someone starting remote associate life for the first time?

Structure your day around when you can take on the biggest problems with your best energy but then provide for a few breaks to avoid frustrating logjams on tricky problems.

Don’t forget about making time for other people! Working from home can be very lonely so make an extra effort to get out into the world and interact with others. Slack chats and Zoom meetings do not count as interaction! 

Any other tips?

Working from home doesn’t necessarily provide you the same daily cues on when to start and stop your work day. Sometimes that means late nights that end abruptly either due to family commitments or the need for sleep.  Do your very best to make notes about where you left off at the end of these long work days so you can easily pick up the following morning.

Thanks, Peter, for sharing your experience with us! To dive a little deeper into the life of Peter and our other #GSATiFamily members, visit our full blog section here

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