We Moved! To Squarespace, That Is.

GSATi Finds A New Home on Squarespace

We at GSATi are proud to support our clients with custom build websites, designed with consistency in code, intricacy in design and ergonomic functionality. We also pride ourselves in supporting those who provide the same quality to users on a more accessible scale, such as our small business clients. That's why we chose Squarespace to host our new and improved website. 


At GSATi,  we always prefer a 'Best of Breed' approach to deploying new websites. Sometimes a custom coded website that has to be maintained by the owner is not needed, especially when standard website platforms have the functionality to support them. Custom websites have a place where custom functionality is needed, as is the same for websites developed through templates and provided design. With Squarespace, we are able to showcase our services professionally in a unique way for far less cost and time dedicated to design. This enables our team to focus more energy on our custom code websites, such as ds suite and ds suite enterprise.  

Additionally, we're ensured that our site remains responsive without issue. With over 50% of online traffic directing via mobile devices, we knew our next online home would have to maintain this design aspect without question. Once again, our needs were met thanks to the minds behind SS team, with mobile responsiveness and design pre-integrated to the template code.  We knew we'd found the right home. 


As a business that provides SaaS with high-level security features, we maintained that our new web host must offer sufficient protection for our information. After our experience with Squarespace's customer service team, we were confident that their services would be our best selection. With 24/7 online email and Twitter support, any member of GSATiFamily can resolve web issues at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. This is one of the most important aspects, due to our large team of international remote associates. 


With the help of Squarespace's clean, simplistic design, our clientele are able to more accurately understand the culture, commitment and proficiency of GSATi and its related services. Our social presence is more easily accessible through customized widgets, thus we're better able to share updates and news about our team. Through building our own social integration, we've discovered even more offered services that would greatly benefit our small business clients, such as opportunities to take online reservations through apps like OpenTable. We hope to further promote these new, additional features to our clients as they are made aware to us. 

All in all, we're proud to say we've chosen one of the best in the hosting-service industry (besides us ;) ) to showcase GSATi and its services. We're excited to share this new adventure with our community. We hope to open new opportunities for current and future clients through Squarespace and, when the time is right, custom builds courtesy of the GSATiFamily.

Danielle Longueville