Driving The Future: Career Plan Dashboards Done Right

Navigating the Road Ahead


Modern compensation plans for direct selling companies can make or break a company.  In this industry, there are few things more critical to the success of a company beyond having quality products. However, a compensation plan that incentivizes the correct behavior is by far a clear differentiator for companies. Because of the importance of proper compensation, a rabid field of brand advocates sometimes spread across the globe, companies invest tens — and sometimes hundreds — of thousands of dollars to come up with a compensation plan that not only fits the need of their culture but also incentivizes the correct behavior.

A good compensation plan not only pays effectively but also protects your independent distributors from potential abuse inflicted by those trying to take advantage of your business opportunity.  To prevent this, certain protections are put in place that could impact an unknowing distributor building their business to the best of their abilities.  A good back-office system properly communicates the "what" an independent distributor has accomplished in a given business period, and informs where efforts should be focused to make the most of the remaining time during the period.


Our member companies must provide their independent salespeople with accurate information about products and services, sales and marketing methods and compensation plans.
— DSA Code of Ethics

Dashboards and Widgets

A proper dashboard for a direct sales company's independent distributors should truly be customized to the compensation plan and culture of the company.  Widgets should report high-level numbers that are important for both qualification and commissions payments as well as break down components that are important for your independent distributor to understand what makes up a figure. Additionally, widgets on your back office should have helper functionality to give your users an explanation on what the information being presented means to them, as well as how to learn more about your unique compensation elements. If you are one of the many direct sales organizations that have key protections built into your compensation plan, your back office widgets should also clearly display when those protections are applying to a user's business.

Example Volume Widget

Info Overlay

Alert Overlay

Example Helper Functions


When working together to build an effective compensation plan, an informative and simple dashboard can help your business grow to the next level.  Without simple widgets that clearly explain each of the core elements of your plan to your field, how can they be expected to quickly grow their business?  At-a-glance tools available on any internet connected device empowers a field to not only be more engaged with their business, but also more in-touch with the key metrics that they are measured by.  Empower your field and you can empower your growth!