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Career Development

It’s easy to get a job, they said. All you need is a resume, they said. If you’re reading this as a “career professional,” you know that truly isn’t the case. For our rising career stars, it’s important to know that, becoming a career professional takes time, effort, and patience. At least, for starters. Let’s dive into a few best practices that incorporate these three pillars and how you can use them to turn yourself into a bonafide “career professional.” 

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Our Tools: What We Use & Why

AT GSATi, it takes some pretty sturdy programs to keep our ship afloat, and we love what we use. Each program or tool helps us in a way that’s unique, efficient, and totally streamlined to keep our clients up and running, as well as their requests resolved in a timely manner. We thought it was due time for us to share what we use and why, so that perhaps it will help you and your growing business find ways to improve and enhance your practices. Let’s get started!

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I was introduced to Direct Selling in early 1996 when I was searching for answers to take charge of my health through better nutrition, wellness and prevention.  During my search, I talked with my sister who happened to stumble on an independent direct selling distributor representing a company.  After doing some investigate research, we decided to give it a try.

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