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Are You Secure? Tips To Maintain Optimum Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should be in one of your top 5 most important concerns when operating any business. When left unaddressed, your business’ connection to the outside world through the internet can be tarnished if not wholly maxed out in an instance. Read on as we discuss a few tips and tricks to keep your online information, your business, and customers safe. 

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A colleague, Andrew Chernauskas, recently sent me a link to a blog post on InVision’s site, titled “6 Ways to Tighten Up Your Designs.” As a developer who leans heavily on GSATi’s very talented designers for anything design-related, I found this an extremely useful 5 minutes of my time.  If you haven’t tried InVision, give it a go.  It is an awesome prototyping/collaboration/workflow tool that GSATi’s designers are putting to great use.  But Andrew didn’t stop with sharing the post.  He challenged me to do the same for development. 

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