Green IT 

GSATi strongly believes that it is our corporate responsibility to implement green technologies and services. We ensure our clients are able to realize environmental and cost savings benefits while reforming the organization, meeting stakeholder demands and complying with laws and regulations.


Businesses who successfully complete Green IT initiatives not only realize a considerable cost savings, but also gain significant benefits (both tangible and intangible) from superior environmental performance across the entire organization.

Green IT is comprised of initiatives and strategies that reduce the environmental footprint of technology. This arises from reductions in energy use and consumables, including hardware, electricity, fuel and paper - among others. Because of these reductions, when properly implemented, Green IT initiatives also produce cost savings in energy use, purchases, management and support, in addition to environmental benefits.


GSATi focuses on working with businesses on 11 distinct Green IT initiatives:

  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Existing Server Room Upgrades
  • New Server Room Builds
  • IT Energy Measurement
  • PC Power Management
  • Printer Consolidation
  • Remote Conferencing
  • Telecommuting
  • IT Equipment Recycling

Join us in supporting the various Global Go Green Initiatives to create a culture of environmental responsibility for years to come. By working with GSATi and taking important, powerful steps in terms of reducing greenhouse emissions, educating consumers about sustainability, and setting examples of green innovation and corporate responsibility, your business can benefit from reduced costs and generate extensive goodwill by leading the ranks of corporate responsibility.


Sustainable Denton

The City of Denton is committed to improving our quality of life and protecting our environment. Through their plan, Simply Sustainable, the city is working to implement 30 strategies to help meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet those same needs. By working together and consciously using our resources, we can be a green city and enjoy the benefits of urban sustainability.

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