Downtown Denton

What can be said about the Denton Square except you want to be there? We sure do. So being able to go downstairs or down the elevator and find fun and exceptional locations for coffee, a burger, or some of the best high-end fare around is pretty exciting. But more than that, the fact that so many local businesses work together to make downtown not just enjoyable but a real community of friends is truly remarkable. We love sharing in the heart and effort of that work.

Down Town Denton

Historic city

What happens when you live, work, and play in a city that is over 170 years old and steeped in a tradition of creating things? You get to stop by and pick up cup of coffee made of locally roasted coffee beans.  You get to have lunch at a Wine Spectator Platinum rated restaurant in what once was a turn of the century black smith's building. After work you can have a happy hour craft cocktail in a secret bar built in 1877 and named after the brothers who built the building.  As the sun sets over our historic square you can have one of the best hamburgers in the metroplex all while listening to live music.

Twilight Tunes in Denton

Community Living Room

Grab a Chair and a Picnic Basket.  Come out and join your fellow community members for countless opportunities to listen to live music during any one of our Twilight Tunes, watch a movie, or participate in any one of our many music festivals, car shows, and community events.

Down Town Denton Little d

Live Music

Our town is known for its eclectic music & arts scene. With two thriving fine arts programs (UNT and TWU,) it's hard not to find a band or open gallery around several corners. Head to the Square for live music, anywhere from solo acts to 10-piece Big Bands. Round out an evening at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center for a taste of the original art we're Denton-Proud to host. 


GSATi Cares

At GSATi, we believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the opportunities our location and successes provide to help others. We are immensely proud to support foundations paving the way to a brighter future and groups conducting research towards finding cures for diseases. GSATi and our employees are working together to make a difference in several charitable organizations.


Community Involvement

At GSATi, we thrive both as a team and as a family when we are able to contribute to our local community. Through technology education and raising awareness on the importance of "Going Green" through Green IT initiatives, our goal is to leave a lasting impression on our community, both intellectually and environmentally. 


Technology Education

We as an organization offer educational opportunities that supplement the lives of industry professionals in our community through internships, connections to University Programs, and informative publications. Our GSATi team take great pride in sharing their expertise for the betterment of technology education in our community. 


Green IT

GSATi strongly believes that it is our corporate responsibility to implement green technologies and services. We ensure our clients are able to realize environmental and cost savings benefits while reforming the organization, meeting stakeholder demands and complying with laws and regulations.