Our Team


As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves to ask the hard questions and to identify practical answers to the unique problems faced by our client partners. Ergo, we have created a work culture where we all succeed together. Meet members from each of our departments that make up our GSATiFamily. 


Business Services


The Business Services team consists of project managers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers and design professionals. Our team's mission is to deliver modern, professional, and reliably performing systems while maintaining and cultivating new relationships with our clients for value added services, including infusing the client’s brand through content creation and website functionality. We provide tools to our client base that allow them to build and maintain a strong relationship with their field and customer base.




Our members of the development team possess countless cutting edge, innovative skillsets that bring our clients’ visions to life through code and technical design. Our Development team utilizes both .Net and PHP platforms to engineer custom websites with usability, clarity and optimum functionality in mind. We lay the foundation for our related departments to build upon and implement the big picture items of our client needs. 


Service Delivery


Our Service Delivery team operates on the “front lines” of our projects so to speak. They are administrators, instructors and coordinators of content that interacts directly with the client and their related consumers. Our team ensures that our clients are confident in the tools we’ve provided them, as well as making sure front-facing facets are up to par with the client vision.


Executive Management


GSATi's leadership team brings to our clients decades of extensive direct sales industry knowledge and experience, innovative technical solutions, and plus a well-rounded business perspective. The team’s expertise and passion for continually improving distributor tool sets without compromise is demonstrated by the consistent delivery of industry-leading solutions that currently support hundreds of thousands of independent distributors around the world.