Magnetic to Magento: Meet Our Newest Tool

As our clients grow, we do what we can to grow with them, learning new tools, operating systems, and programs that can enhance the overall experience from client, to customer, and client again. Introducing one of our newest tools to join our toolbox: Magento. We – and our clients – are going places with Magento. Read on and discover where and how exactly.

Magento Commerce, is a commissions program. Originally developed by “ Varien, Inc, a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers ” in 2008 as a PHP-based open-sourced e-commerce platform, Magento was ahead of the e-commerce game. After a brief stint of growth as an eBay company, Magento eventually landed with Adobe, “ integrating it into Adobe Experience Cloud, its Enterprise CMS platform” for a whopping $1.68b. Now, we see major corporations and Fortune 500 brands such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, Canon, and Rosetta Stone using Magento’s programs. QSL for Burger King, completely transformed how they handled over 1,200+ franchises in a matter of six months with Magento’s team managing the entire process to perfection. Talk about a big glow up!

Using Magento Commerce, our clients are able to assist their users from anywhere.

Using Magento Commerce, our clients are able to assist their users from anywhere.

In Magento, users are able to marry content with commerce to customer demands, for flawless grand interactions. Order management, including shipping, are more streamlined using enhanced Business Intelligence strategies. In light of the rapidly growing mobile online community, MC puts Mobile Commerce at the forefront with increased support in sales channels, and the creation of a Progressive Web Applications or PWA studio. The PWA studio is a suite of tools meant for building online stores with app-like experiences. This ensures customers as well as users are able to have a fast, smooth, and ergonomic experience when purchasing products with a few taps on a smart device. Magento makes it easy for our clients to transform into, or continue to operate on a more efficient level, as effective, data-driven commerce organizations.

Our team strives to maintain a relevant, consistent and detailed knowledge base of industry tools, recent trends, and much more to ensure that our clients always receive the most up-to-date service possible. In doing so, our clients can operate safely and confidently on a day-to-day basis, knowing they’re supported 100%. With the addition of Magento, to our own set of tools, we anticipate to even further advance the aptitude of our skillsets and capabilities as a company. In the future, we hope to achieve more streamlined services, greater sense of purchase security for our clients’ clients, and stronger integrations for all B2C and B2B relationships that interact with us, directly or indirectly. Here’s to a brighter future, powered with a little help from Magento.

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