SAP Amplified: Fine Tunes with R3 Services

We love opportunities to break away from typical client projects and create something special, especially for our old clients looking for new beginnings. Read on as we share one of our newest Squarespace website projects for an old-turned-new client of ours, R3 Services.


User Experience

Fun Fact: Several years ago, R3 Services was a custom web build client of ours! Focusing on staffing services and amplified, industry specific services in the implementations and consultancy industries, it was pertinent to the R3 team to provide their expected users an easy, quick and informative experience. These users are interested in mostly 1 thing and 1 thing only: get hired. As we reviewed their past website, we knew that re-organization, parsing down content, and creating ease in navigation would be our heavy hitters of change. R3 Services provides a healthy amount information about their several services, and it was time to make it more accessible. 


During our discussions and brainstorming, one thing that stood out to all parties that we agreed was missing from the current website was imagery. The “old” website had a lot of text blocks chock full of information, but not much imagery that expressed the purpose of the business to back it up, or break up the monotony of explanations. Most of the terms used are quite technical, and rightfully so - they are a technical industry indeed! We immediately went to work on sourcing images that were descriptive, yet even-keel enough as to not distract the user, but merely impress them with R3’s fortitude. We also took imagery as an opportunity to express the diversity of the staff hired from each position. R3 Services’ offerings are as diverse as the people fulfilling the positions. People from across the globe access their old website seeking gainful employment, why not make sure that message resounds clearly from page to page? With the newfound imagery and through collaborative efforts, we were able to accomplish just that. 


Staying Informed Through Integrations

One of the last things we looked to achieve through this new creation was ensuring that applicants seeking employment could stay informed and connected to available positions. R3 Services utilizes AKKEN, a staffing and recruiting software dedicated to finding the best talent for businesses. Their ability to serve all verticals from job fulfillment to on boarding and management made for a great fit for R3, and we wanted to make sure we could keep their services around on this new website. Thankfully, with the help of our own staff and the excellent integration capabilities of Squarespace through code and 3rd party apps, we successfully connected the AKKEN job board to R3’s new website. From here, users are able to fully explore open positions, where they are located, and apply all within a few clicks. 

Looking Forward

With the release of the new website now behind us, we are delighted to share our success and gratitude derived from being able to work with R3 Services on another client project. It is a great testament to our reputation as a business to have a client return for more work, and we are always grateful to do so. Like we’ve said before, we wouldn’t be anywhere if not for our clients and this achievement is the proof in the pudding. Moving forward, we will continue to support R3 Services as with all of our clients, when and where necessary. However, it’s true that Squarespace does offer amazing 24 hour customer service via phone, email, or live chat. No matter the end, we can guarantee R3 Services is covered. 

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