We at GSATi take pride in our staff and the hard work they put forth for us and our clients on a daily basis. We like to show our appreciation with spotlights on our team through our blog series, #GSATiFamily: Staff in Review, a peek into the lives and interests of our staff. This series highlights the parts of our staff that makes them exactly who they are: dedicated, intriguing individuals we are proud to call family. Read on and discover this week’s featured staff member: Open Source Application Manager, Gabe Lopez.

DL: How long have you worked with GSATi?

GL: Almost two (2) years, 1yr 11 months. 

DL: Where did you receive your education and/or experience in our field?

GL: I achieved a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree both from West Texas A&M University.

DL: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time as a member of the GSATi Family?

GL: I think the greatest accomplishment is getting to help improve how we handle memberships with back-end PHP technology.

DL: What’s the most fun thing you have done at or with GSATi?

GL: I am a life learner, so learning new things at GSATi is fun. Whether we are getting together to solve a problem or moving to a new technology, we are always learning.

DL: What about your at-home family? Any pets or kids?

GL: I’m married to a beautiful wife but we don’t have any kids or pets.

DL: What is your favorite local restaurant or business on the square that you like to visit?

GL: LSA Burger is my favorite restaurant.

DL: What's your preference, PHP or .NET and why?

GL: I currently work with PHP because I like to work with Open Source Technology. 

DL: What's your fondest office memory since you've been here?

GL: GSATi’s annual staff get together is great. People from different places, remote workers, come to Denton for a fun-filled time and some work. 

DL: Why choose GSATi?

GL: I think GSATi is a great company. I believe that GSATi really cares about the employees, which is very important to me.

We are so delighted and proud to call Gabe Lopez a member of the #GSATiFamily. Learn more about Gabe and the rest of our GSATiFamily on Our Team page.