Fresh Instagram Tactics To Up The Ante

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry. Almost every day, there’s a new built-in tool or feature dedicated to changing the way customers interact with social media platforms, especially Instagram. Let’s dive into some fresh Insta tactics to keep you and your business up with the times - on Instagram. 

Choose a Feature, Not A Product 

Think Product awareness, not BRAND awareness, and take to your Instagram Stories with your knowledge-based campaign. More often than not, the people who view your Instagram Stories are already *somewhat* knowledgeable of your brand. Use this medium as an opportunity to showcase your knowledge base of the background or minute details of your product or services that provide validity. Take Manduka and how they shared about activated charcoal in their GRP yoga mat. They found a way to connect the user, the product, and the validity, all in one fell swoop. 

Take Advantage of Highlights. 

This gives your featured Stories a longer shelf life past 24 hours. It also helps users instantly know what your brand is about, what you bring to the table, and whether you’re a good fit for them or not. 

Source & Film Feedback

Let your employees or influencers in your industry try out your services or test your product before you release it to the world. Ask them to film their reactions so you may use it in your stories. This includes sponsored and non-sponsored content. Protip: mix up the raw clips with designed content for an amplified touch of authenticity. 

Showcase the Process. 

You may not sell food or drink products, but it’s likely your product or service has several steps, pieces, or stages which make it work. Figure out what process you can share and apply it to your feed! 

Find a Palette and Stick With it. 

Users recognize and favor accounts who take the time to invest in the “aesthetic” or design of their layout. It’s a sign of dedication to the brand, and ergo to your consumers. Check out Pinterest for layout ideas, and make sure to include your brand’s color choices in your deliberations. 

Feature User Content.

User-generated content is like the golden ticket of Instagram. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools amongst today’s “tech generations,” providing more validity to your brand than an online review or doctor’s testimony hosted on your website. Yes, we know, crazy right? Feature positive reviews on a regular basis to shine that personable light on you, your brand and your consumers. 

Wow your users WITHOUT sound. 

In 2017, roughly 15% of Facebook and Instagram users watched videos in their feed without sound. As a result, some devices and systems have stopped the video autoplay within social media feeds altogether. Find ways to entice your users to turn the sound on and dive deeper into your post. Protip: but your most important info into the thumbnail, and make it eye-catching. 

Instagram is merely the tip of one of many icebergs found in navigating social media. Lucky for you, social media is still a bit of an open frontier, with room for trial and error. Take these tools and see what works best for you. You might find that Instagram is your best friend! All it takes is some time, effort and passion for your brand. 

Danielle Longueville